Imagine you are a POET for this part. Don’t DEFINE simile, for example, WRITE ONE like you would do if you were writing a POEM. (or a SHORT STORY). (HINT: use your creative brain, not your academic brain.) Use five (5) devices types of figurative language to write about that thing below labeled “the thing.” (the devices can be from fiction of poetry…like allusion, metaphor, simile, etc Please make sure YOU SHOW me that you have mastery of each of the devices you mention in relation to that THING on the page. Each answer should have at least four sentences. Write the name of the device at the beginning, or somewhere near or next to or in, of your response.

EX: Simile: It has an elongated shape like a tall man. The side points are as sharp as a knife. Top and bottom as flat as a piece of paper. A body that is as black as coal. THE THING:
The picture below is the thing we need to write about it

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