Pleistocene Park: Ecological engineering as climate change mitigation measure

I am studying 2 BSc’s and I am limited in my time. This is the first time I use this service. I have to make a presentation (PPP) about the topic above. Therefore I got 3 papers (as you see following). The main literature is “Hauptliteratur*”.  The presentation has to me 20 minutes long. Afterwards there is a discussion of about 10 minutes. The professor wants us to work with graphics and a few texts (only essentials). The best-case scenario is to make a presentation in an EMED format. He wants us to involve the other listeners via zoom. Default layouts from Microsoft and animations (PPP) are “forbidden”. Time management is 1 slide = 1 minute. Is this doable for you guys and how much would that be. I just want to say that I have not much money because of my 2 BSc studies (nursing and biology) 😀 thx in advance.

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