Please note the instructions below.



1. Participants are required to select a real case about the parenting mode of “Tiger Mom, Tiger Dad” or “Helicopter Parent”, and analyze the impact of the parents in the case on the growth and development of the young child.
2. Participants are required to provide a brief description of the case so as to analyze the type of parental discipline.
3. Then, from different perspectives (self-development, life skills, interpersonal relationships, etc.), the analysis of the possible influence of the parenting model of “Tiger Mom, Dad” or “Helicopter Parent” on the growth of the children in the case.
4. Finally, appropriate parenting methods are provided to the parents in the case.


1. Please clearly and speculatively state the circumstances of the case so as to analyze the type of parental discipline analyze the type of parental discipline.
2. Please use at least 10 APA in-text citation and references in the essay.
3. All the course materials is enclosed in the additional materials box, please make use of them as many as you can.

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