Play Assessment Paper

Students will conduct an academic literature review on the topic of Play-based Assessments. The research paper should look for gaps, problems, or trends in the current play assessment research. Develop an inquiry question. You may choose to
analyze one assessment or evaluate multiple tools. Remember your written summary should include:
1. Identification of the issues or development of research question.
2. A critique of views. Look for bias, disagreements, agreements and so forth.
3. Synthesize, categorize findings
4. Analyze findings and/or tools used
5. Provide personal reflection or even recommendations for future research
6. The So, What? What does the information mean to you, your profession, and/or others working with children?
Undergraduate Students must use at least 2 scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals for this review (through UA library databases). Graduate Students will be
required to use 7 scholarly articles. For undergrads, papers should be a minimum of 5 pages. For Graduate Student paper should be a minimum of 8 pages. There will also be an online discussion for students to share their findings. 

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