Planning for a Trip to Chicago

You are planning a three-day trip to Chicago to visit the Navy Pier, the Magnificent Mile for some shopping, and a museum or two. You would like to have a friend accompany you; however, because of physical disabilities, he/she is totally dependent on a wheelchair for mobility. As you plan your trip, there are several aspects that you must consider.

Contact several hotels/motels in the area you have selected to determine the level of accessibility available to you and your friend.

How accessible is the area surrounding the hotel/motel?
Are there restrictions to the handicapped accessible rooms (i.e., number of beds, number of guests per room).
What on-site facilities are accessible (i.e., the pool, tanning salon, spa, etc.)?
What other concerns regarding lodging might you have?
Research the accessibility of favorite/popular attractions in the area, including at least one museum. Are there areas/sites that may be inaccessibleeither partially or totally (i.e., restaurants, specialty shops, etc.)? Are there special services available?

When you have completed your research, compile a report of your findings. Post your findings from at least 3 area hotels and 3 area attractions.  Explain whether or not not your friend/relative will join you on your vacation. Your submission should be at least two double spaced pages minimum and six double spaced pages maximum. Include links to the hotels and attractions when possible.

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