Plan for implementation-Company;Apple

Plan for implementation- Company Apple

1. What activities need to be performed? The value  chain is a very useful tool when you need to  figure out how different parts of the company are  likely to be affected. What are the implications  of your plan with respect to both primary activities (e.g., operations and sales/marketing/service)  and support activities (e.g., human resources and  infrastructure)?

2. What is the timeline? What steps must be taken  first and why? Which ones are most critical?  Which activities can proceed simultaneously, and  which ones are sequential in nature? How long is  your plan going to take? 
Timeline first steps, secondary ones, why? Timetable for plans implementation

3. How are you going to finance your proposal?  Does the company have adequate cash on hand, or  does it need to consider debt and/or equity financing? How long until your proposal breaks even  and pays for itself? 
How to finance it? Can you fund it yourself (i.e. deep pockets like Apple) do you need to raise capital or debt? How will you be able to do that? How long until you break even?

4. What outcomes is your plan likely to achieve? Provide goals that are SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely in nature.  Make a case for how your plan will help the firm  to achieve a strategic competitive advantage. 

Make sure your proposed solution fits with your company i.e. just because one idea worked in one company (Joint venture, Management buyout, sell off, downsizing) does not mean it will work everywhere.

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