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You will write a theoretical paper drawing from the ideas of Alexis DeTocqueville, Emile Durkheim, or Max Weber, explaining and applying their theoretical frameworks to interpret how people experience (or have failed to experience) a sense of belonging.

You may draw from the work of one or more theorists. This paper will be a short, but concise, explanation and application of a theorists major concepts. You may only draw from peer-reviewed academic sources.

You may select a topic from either one of three broad options:

Explain and apply the writings of one or two of the following classical theorists.
Alexis DeTocqueville’s observations of democracy and individualism
Emile Durkheims concepts on effervescence, organic solidarity, and anomie
Max Webers writings on rationality, bureaucracy, or class/status/party
Or, compare the writings of a theorist we have already read about (Karl Marx or WEB Du Bois) with Alexis DeTocqueville or Emile Durkheim.
Here are a few quick writing tips. Your paper should be characterized as follows:

A straightforward thesis at the beginning of your paper.
Paragraphs that advance different (but inter-related) propositions within your thesis.
Topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph.
An introduction that outlines your paper.
A conclusion that summarizes your main ideasand does not present any new material.

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