The format of the paper will be: 12 Pt Font, Times New Roman, and Double Spaced. The Word file should have the following save name:
Year Month Day, Course Number, Last Name Example: 20201023 PHYS120 Lastname
The following must be included within the article: 1. Name(s) of the author(s)
2. Title of article
3. Title of journal, volume number, date, month and page numbers
4. Statement of the problem or issue discussed
5. The authors purpose, approach or methods, hypothesis, and major conclusions.
Content and style of the critique is up to you, but to improve your score, you should focus on addressing as many of the following guides:
1) Is the title of the article appropriate and clear?
2) Is the abstract specific and representative of the article?
3) Is the purpose of the article made clear in the introduction?
4) Do you find errors of fact and interpretation?
5) Is all of the discussion relevant?
6) Has the author cited the pertinent, and only the pertinent, literature?
7) Have any ideas been overemphasized or underemphasized? Suggest specific revisions.
8) Should some sections of the manuscript be expanded, condensed or omitted?
9) Are the authors statements clear? Challenge ambiguous statements. Suggest by examples how
clarity can be achieved, but do not merely substitute your style for the authors.
10) What underlying assumptions does the author have?
11) Has the author been objective in his or her discussion of the topic?
12) Is the objective of the experiment or of the observations important for the field?
13) Are the experimental methods described adequately?
14) Are the study design and methods appropriate for the purposes of the study?
15) Have the procedures been presented in enough detail to enable a reader to duplicate them?

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