Your Lab Journal entries must be typed or handwritten in AMRD scientific format.

It must contain features listed below for every Laboratory Report:

1. Abstract

Here you briefly state the problem, raise the big question, and summarize the entire experiment.

2. Introduction

Here you briefly explain what would have been known and what are you going to do during your experiment to address this problem. You will list your working and null hypothesis in the If .., then format, as well as your predictions.

3. Materials and Methods

Here you will list all of the materials that you used during the experiment and methods describing how you have used the above-mentioned materials during your experimental procedure.

4. Results

Here you will list all of your results. Which will include your tables, figures, pictures, and graphs for your data. Please make sure to label every table and figure in your results.

5. Discussion

Here you will discuss the data that you collected during your experiment and explain your experimental results. In your explanations, you must refer to your tables, figures, and data listed in the results section.

6. Conclusion

Here you will conclude whether your hypothesis was supported or rejected based on the results received from your experiment.

7. Literature Cited

Here you will list sources from which you have derived the information in your lab report.

You can check this site for the MLA style referencing format.

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