Philosophy of Law

Suppose that someone posted an essay online arguing that women are genetically less intelligent and less ambitious than men. This essay is intellectual in nature. It has cited evidence, including some scientific evidence. Like most essays, some of what this essay says is factually right and some factually wrong, and its reasoning is right in some aspects and wrong in others.

Write a five-part essay arguing whether this essay should be allowed to be published.

The structure of this essay is the following:

Part 1: I say that this essay should be allowed/should be banned because
Part 2: One might object that
Part 3: I reply that
Part 4: One might also object that
Part 5: I reply that

(i) The format of this assignment is quite different from the previous assignments. In particular, it begins in a different way, and you need to discuss and reply to two objections.

(ii) Word limit: 1000 words. There will be a mark penalty if you go over 1100.

(iii) Include a word count.

(iv) Please draw upon  the reading file attached here

(v) Your objection in part 2 can be related to or different from the objection in part 4. Its up to you. What matters the most is that they are both objections that engage the argument in Part 1.

(vi) Write clearly and comprehensibly. Your assignment will be assessed partly based on clarity and comprehensibility.

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