Pete Cassidy “CSUN Coach 1966-1996

Students will create a Wikipedia entry for the selected topic. Each entry must include (A) an introductory overview, (B) three subsections, (C) one legacy section, and (D) references. The minimum word-count for each entry is 600 words.

Opening Overview
This section introduces the topic. It should succinctly summarize all major points and milestones.

Each entry must include three subsections. The subsections should cover the important information relevant to the topic.

Examples of subsections for individuals include: Early Life; Career; Awards; and Personal Life. Examples of subsections for events include: Background; Road to Event; Controversy; and Cultural References. [THESE ARE EXAMPLES, NOT REQUIRED SUBSECTIONS].

Legacy Section
Each entry must include a legacy subsection. This subsection identifies and explains why this topic is historically significant.

Each entry must include at least five references (presumably those in the source or photograph gallery). Sources may be footnoted in Wikipedia format or hyperlinked in text. (Links to an external site.)

This will be typed in a Word doc or PDF and submitted to the assignment dropbox.

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