Personal Identity

To prepare for this Discussion:
    Read the Communication Program Discussion Guidelines.
    Read Chapter 2: Communication and Perception in this weeks Learning Resources.
    Review the content on the website in this weeks Learning Resources.
Post a response that addresses the following:
1.    Explain the biggest influence in the development of your identity and identify your own personal pronoun preferences.
2.    How can someones personal pronoun preferences affect peoples perceptions of them?
3.    What role do stereotypes play? How can you help others to overcome these stereotypes?

Students, Im looking forward to your Week 2 reflection on identity. Your personal identity is made up of traits and characteristics that, taken as a whole, distinguish you from other people. Before you explain the biggest influence in the development of your identity take a moment to identify what your identity is by asking these three questions
1. Who you think you are;
2. Who you want others to think you are;
3. Who you think others believe you are.
As you craft your post, please address each of the three main questions posed in the instructional post above and give examples to illustrate your main points.

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