Peer Edit

Utilize the Questions for a Peer Editor document on page 447 of the textbook
Write a response TO YOUR PARTNER about his or her paper and your reactions to it
While you do not have to answer each of the questions from the document on page 447, use them as a guide. Provide useful feedback to your partner, including positives and negatives.
*Include feedback on your partner’s thesis statement: can you determine what it is? Does your partner argue successfully for it? Is the paper actually about what the thesis statement promises? Perhaps you have suggestions to make a stronger argument.
Be sure to include what paper you are reviewing when you submit this assignment to me.
Write the paper to Jennifer – direct your comments to her. For example, say things such as: Jennifer, your thesis statement isn’t clear. I think you are saying this; is that correct? *Write as though you are speaking to Jennifer.

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