“Pay for Play” Legislation

You will write a research paper of at least 6,000 words (ca. 20 pages), utilizing at least seven (7) primary sources and seven (7) secondary sources (a minimum of 14 sources).  The bibliography and footnotes must conform to Turabians Manual for Writers.  See: https://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/turabian/turabian-notes-and-bibliography-citation-quick-guide.html  A 2-page prospectus describing your topic and the sources you have identified will be due on Thurs. Feb. 18.    (See attached prospectus sample.)

Please turn in a hard copy and e-mail your research paper (as a Word document), which is due on Tues. Apr. 27.  The research paper may focus on any conceivable topic, but it must be approved in advance.  (The research paper will account for 40% of the course grade.)

Feedback from Prospectus (will be attached):


I like your prospectus very much.  Please try to focus on pay for play legislation as an effort to address racial inequities in society, since most of the athletes in NCAA football and basketball (the revenue sports) are African Americans.

Regardless, along with the sources you listed, please be absolutely sure to examine the following.

**Pay close attention to the notes and bibliographies in these sources to identify more sources.**

Secondary Sources:

Bradsher, Bethany. Compensating College Athelets. CQ Researcher (April 24, 2020). (pdf attached)

Devinatz, Victor G. Organizing College Athletes Utilizing the Civil Rights Unionism Model. Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal 29 (2017): 107-125. (pdf attached)

Gayles, Joy Gaston, et al. Neoliberal Capitalism and Racism in College Athletics: Critical Approaches for Supporting Student-Athletes. New Directions for Student Services 163 (Fall 2018): 11-21. (pdf attached)

Gill, Emmitt, et al. Freedom for First Downs: Interest Convergence and the Missouri Black Student Boycott. Journal of Negro Education 89, no. 3 (2020): 342-359. (pdf attached)

Kniss, Robert W. Pay for Play: The Role of the Courts in NCAA Regulation of Amateurism in Intercollegiate Athletics. PhD diss., Michigan State University, 2017. (pdf attached)

Martin, Lori L., et al. Pay to Play: Race and the Perils of the College Sports Industrial Complex. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger, 2017. BU Jones Library call # GV351 .M363

Miller, Wynn S. Fair Pay to Play: The Compensation Debate and the Exploitation of Black Student-Athletes. Senior thesis, Bard College, 2019. (pdf attached)

Sanderson, Allen R., and John J. Siegfried. The Case for Paying College Athletes. Journal of Economic Perspectives 29 (Winter 2015): 115-138. (pdf attached)


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