paper/capstone project

You are about to embark on a virtual tour of a museum around the world. IF you live near a museum and want to conduct a personal tour, please know that the requirements of the assignment remain the same, and you will need to properly demonstrate the art you select as well as cite the source accordingly. (Recommend that you do this virtually, just to be on the safest side!)

Please click here to access the museum sites:  Virtual Museum Tour:

You are to conduct a virtual tour of any art museum around the world and conduct a written guide.  Select 5 (FIVE) works from the one museum, which correspond to Chapters 15 through 26, that you determine to be the best artifacts to attract people to the museum.  Each description must have the following:

Image of the art NO larger than half of an 8 by 11 in page.
Reference of the image
Detailed description of the image including the artist, style, and medium that was used in the art.  Remember, the term medium means what the work is made of (i.e. stone, oil, watercolor, etc.)
You are to document the influences of the selected art.  For example, if the work you selected was a commissioned portrait, who is the portrait of and who commissioned it.  There are many stories related to the influences of art work so please do your research.
You may also want to include cultural, political, and socioeconomic influence that impacted the artwork.

This is to be a 5 page (min), double spaced paper, 1 inch margins, 12 pt default font.  The page count does not include the images and reference page.  I have provided some links to help you start your search, but you are not limited to these sites.  Feel free to travel anywhere in the world!

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