Hot Coffee Paper

The Hot Coffee documentary focuses on the products liability case against McDonald’s brought by Stella Liebeck and the ensuing debate over tort reform.  Watch the documentary, which is available here:

When you are finished watching the documentary, please review the following two articles:

(1) Cup Half Full: “Hot Coffee” Serves Up Slanted View of Liability System; and

(2)  Why Tort Reform is Necessary for Economic Recovery.

These articles critique the documentary and provide contrasting arguments from those presented in the documentary.

Assignment requirements:  After reviewing the above materials, (ONLY USE THESE SOURCES IN THE PAPER) you are to write a 3 page paper, size 12 font, double spaced, that addresses the questions listed below.

What is tort reform?  How is tort reform achieved?

Provide a brief summary of the factual history and ultimate result of the Liebeck v. McDonalds case.  Your summary should not be longer than a page and should address:  the facts surrounding the case, why Liebeck sued, the jurys ruling, the trial courts modification of the ruling and the ultimate conclusion of the case.

Were you aware of this case prior to this assignment?  If you were aware of the case, did the film change your mind about what you thought about the case originally?

How did the Liebeck v. McDonalds case impact tort reform?

Do you think tort reform is necessary?  Why or why not?

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