Dissertation Format

Dissertation Layout

The dissertation layout offered by our expert writers is as follows:
The thesis title and the dissertation material is inserted here. The layout may vary from institution to institution.
Here is a testimony to show:
“I have presented an original work which is unique and has never appeared in any university”.
Here is something to acknowledge the individuals:
I devote this Research Project to my parents, Mr and Mrs. XXX for their extraordinary support all through my entire academic period. Praise the Lord, who has brought me this far. I also devote this work to my colleagues, Ms. XXX and Ms. XXX for their support and in building my enthusiasm and continuous fortification in analysis and data collection throughout my project. To the entire members of XXX, I really appreciate your support in helping me be here.
Here, the people who helped you in the completion of your thesis are acknowledged. A sample is mentioned below:
I pay my sincere appreciation to the supervisors Prof. XXX and Dr. XXX for the mentoring and guiding me in the preparation of my project. Special gratitude towards the members of my family, peers and colleagues for their support and collaboration in the entire project.
This is supposed to be on a single page without any paragraphs. Every necessary point about the thesis should be mentioned in it. On the whole, the abstract should show the panel of reviewers about their expectations if they read your work.
Update it before printing the project.
Every table mentioned should be listed and updated before printing.
Write them in complete form. Such as;
• MFIs Micro Finance Institutions
• LDCs Least Developed Countries
• NYDA National Youth Development Agency
Every term should be defined in proper words and should not be in your own words. This will be the final preliminary page. These pages are to be done after the entire work is completed.
1.1 Background of the Study
In this section, you are supposed to write the background of your work. Begin from the Global Perspective giving cases and then move on to the continental issues, mention your Region, Country and then, at last, comes your case.
Country Case
1.2 Statement of the Problem
The statement of the problem must be precise and accurate and must describe:
• What is the problem?
• How is it a problem?
• The problem is encountered by whom?
1.3 Objective
1.3.1 General Objective
This should have a brief statement that covers the real objective of the study.
1.3.2 Specific Objectives
Be careful about this one.Particular objectives are supposed to be mentioned and achieved. Every objective must be relevant to one question of the research.Each research question must have a theme in the questionnaire or any other part of the data collection. The case is same with the Hypothesis where the Researched hypothesis is supposed to be relevant to the Null Hypothesis. The OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS is the basic element of the project.
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