Othello Analysis

Assignment Description: A synthesized analysis of Othello
Othello is a rich tragedy, filled with intrigue and spite and horror. The many ideas and ideals explored by the play have not left the human experience in the 400 years since the first performance in London. In fact, these considerations are still some of the most important in human experience. In class, we have discussed some of the major themes Othello explores: Jealousy, Reputation, Identity, Loyalty, Friendship, Misogyny, Miscegenation, Sexuality, Social and Cultural Rules/Norms (among others). Synthesize a discussion of the play around two thematic aspects or understandings. This synthesis must include 3 things: the text of Othello, your own experience or understanding of the theme/idea under consideration, and the ideas of one or more critics of Shakespeare and Othello.
This is a writing exercise meant as exploration, using your own background knowledge and understanding of the world, along with the text of Othello. Integrate three aspects of writing- literary analysis, integration of outside texts and personal writing.

Explain how Iago uses his power of persuasion with Roderigo, Brabantio, and Othello to create his scheme to undo the Moor. Explain the 3 types of persuasive rhetoric (Logos, Pathos, Ethos) used by Iago and give examples of each.

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