Othello Act 3 and 4

You have to read both ACT 3 and ACT 4 After reading you have to answer all of the questions below.


1. In Scene III, Cassio takes Iago’s advice and goes to Desdemona to discuss regaining Othello’s good graces. As Cassio and Desdemona talk, Iago and Othello walk together in the distance, and they can see Cassio and Desdemona speaking. What does Iago say to Othello that makes Cassio look suspicious?

2. On page 1012 (beginning on line 274), Othello begins a soliloquy. It begins with, “This fellow’s of exceeding honesty…” (line 274) and ends, “If she be false, O, then heaven mocks itself! / I’ll not believe’t” (line 294). Look at this passage, and in your own words, explain what Othello is saying here. Why do you think this passage is important?

3. What object does Emilia find in Scene III and give to her husband, Iago? What does Iago say he plans to do with it?

4. In the last few pages of Scene III (pages 1015-1018), Othello has clearly changed. His demeanor is not the same as it was when the play began and his attitude towards Desdemona is not the same either. Summarize these pages. Explain how Othello has changed. What does Iago specifically say that enrages Othello and makes him believe that Desdemona is cheating on him? Provide a quote to support your answer.

5. There are not many women in this play. At this point, we have been introduced to Desdemona and Emilia. However, at the end of Scene IV, Bianca enters. Who is Bianca? What is her relationship with Cassio? What does Cassio ask for her to do? Finally, what attitude does Cassio seem to have towards Bianca and why?

6. At the beginning of Act IV, Othello and Iago are having a conversation. Briefly summarize this conversation and also explain what effect it has on Othello.

7. Iago convinces Othello to hide during a conversation that he has with Cassio. What do Iago and Cassio discuss? How does Othello react to this conversation? In what way does Othello want to kill Desdemona and what does Iago recommend instead? This begins at the bottom of page 1027 (line 74) and continues to page 1030 (line 193).

8. In scene 2, Othellos rage towards Desdemona reaches a breaking point and he refers to her an Impudent strumpet! (line 82). Afterwards, Emilia passionately defends Desdemona against Othellos accusations. What are some of the things she says? Why do you think this is important for Emilias character?

9. Towards the end of scene II, Roderigo enters again. He says that he feels Iago has been putting him off when he was supposed to help Roderigo win over Desdemona. What does Roderigo threaten to do unless Iago helps him?

10. At the end of scene III, Desdemona and Emilia have an important conversation about cheating on husbands. What does Emilia say about this? How does Desdemona respond?

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