Old Testament StoryLine Project

(5) Old Testament Storyline Project. Students have an opportunity to create a project that illustrates the biblical storyline of the OT, from creation through the post-exilic times. The projects will be graded on the following criteria:
The project needs to show the history/story of the Old Testament, NOT the canonical order of the books (which are not entirely arranged in chronological order).
The project needs to show how the details of the OT storyline fit into the story as a whole and how the major themes of the OT (Gods presence, covenant, salvation, etc.) can be traced throughout the Old Testament.
The project needs to be sufficiently thorough to include the major events, people, and theological turning points in the Old Testament story. Students may take select images from the internet to use in supplemental ways, but the majority of the work needs to be the students. Any text taken from a source without citation constitutes plagiarism. Please be careful to avoid plagiarism!
The project needs to represent work comparable to a ten page research paper. a thorough recounting of Israels history in essay form.

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