NYC during covid

Write a 4-6 page paper in which you discuss what it means to engage in art in New York City during our current COVID-19 pandemic. Many cultural outlets have been making attempts to provide artistic and cultural entertainment via a virtual forum.  How do you feel about this medium?  What do you think maybe lost?  What are the advantages?  Do you think this pandemic could change the way art is consumed over the long term?  If so, what changes do you anticipate?

Thin,k carefully, about the topic, and write a thoughtful essay.  You may need to visit some virtual art spaces in order to gain insight into how art is presented, and how it changes the experience of engaging with art.

The paper must be written using the MLA format for writing essays. Use the resources found in Writing Guidelines, on Blackboard, and the library website for the proper usage of the MLA format.

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