nutrition questions

1)  Discuss in at least 100 words about: Body Mass Index (BMI) is widely and routinely used by healthcare professionals as an indicator of body fatness. BMI is a quick, inexpensive tool that can be useful to get a general idea of a person’s disease risk, however, it isn’t perfect. Using your textbook and the resources below, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of BMI. Are there any limitations to using BMI to assess a person’s health? If you were a healthcare professional, what advice would you give to clients about interpreting their own BMI? Do you think BMI more important than healthy behaviors?

Body Mass Index: Considerations for Practitioners Image result for open new tab icon

The Many Problems With BMI Image result for open new tab icon

2)  Use the questions below to reflect on your overall energy balance. Be sure your answer to each question is thorough and well-thought-out. You must answer each part of the question. Each response should be a minimum of 100 words.

2a)  Using your answers to the questions above, evaluate your overall energy balance. What is going well? What could be going better? Be sure to reflect on the hunger-satiety scale and your activity level as part of your answer.
2b) Write down at least two specific ways you could improve your energy balance. Then describe when and how you would do this. Be specific. Coming up with a specific plan will make you more likely to accomplish your goal

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