Please respond to your peers post by noticing something of interest, offering a comment, AND wondering about something.

Responses like I agree and great job are NOT acceptable. Your response should further the dialogue.

Responses that utilize the N.O.W. format will help ensure that you pass the assignment.

N.O.W. Format

N Notice something of interest

O Offer a comment

W Wonder about something

Each post should extend the conversation to understand how one might be doing more or if we should see ourselves as responsible for more on a global stage.

Rebecca Stevens

In watching the TED talk and reading the article about Patrick Devenny, my first reaction was that I was surprised since you do not normally hear of men with eating disorders. I had previously associated them with women and have only heard of women having bulimia nervosa. It was mentioned in the video that an estimated ten million men have an eating disorder! I found it incredibly sad that Patrick was secretly binging at night and had such low self esteem, but it is great he had the courage to get help and realized he had a problem. Before this module, I knew the basics about eating disorders and bulimia – the eating and throwing up, but did not realize that people with this disorder may also use laxatives and exercise in the gym excessively as well as an obsession with calories. I find it so sad that in the TED talk he mentions that “over seventy percent of people suffering with an eating disorder will not seek treatment due to the stigmas, misconception, and a lack of access to care.” I would love to hear more men speak out and learn more about men with eating disorders maybe other stories such as those with anorexia and learn more about the effects of these disorders on one’s mental state, the brain, and the psychological effects.

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