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Assessment 2: Short Answer Questions
Attached Files:
      Mr Stuart Goodwill’s MMSE.pdf (136.838 KB)
      Assessment 2 Questions Final.pdf (87.844 KB)
      Assessment 2 Answer Sheet.docx (17.069 KB)
Attached are the short answer questions and answer sheet for Assessment 2, and the completed MMSE for Mr Stuart Goodwill.

Tips for Short Answer Questions
1. Engage with lectures 1-9. That I uplodedt do not need to answer same but use the refrence o there it will help you
2. Attend Tutorials 1, 2, and complete self-directed component and join zoom Tutorial 3&4.
3. You do not need to reference your answers to Question 4 – i.e. the name of the Assessment tools.

More Tips:
Question 1: The 4 actions come from actions discussed in Tutorial 2 and Lecture 3a; also see literature referred to in these materials. Tut 3 will also help. In these resources are descriptions about how you go about caring for an older person who presents with confusion (or altered cognition). Some resources describe an approach or steps e.g. you do this, then you do this, then . while others just focus on describing actions. Also required in this question is an understanding about why you would do each action in relation to the older person you suspect has confusion (or altered cognition).
Question 2: This question was covered in both Tutorial 2 and Lecture 3a. This question requires an understanding of the types of information that are collected by the MMSE,  and how this information will influence the way or how you will communicate with Mr Stuart Goodwill. Think about- What is this information telling you about Mr Gooding? As each type of information is different in the MMSE then it gives you insight into how you have to communicate with Mr Gooding.
Question 3: This question has been covered well in the first 2 lectures and is revisited in various ways in all the tutorials. These lectures will also provide you with possible references. If you have not engaged with these lectures or attended tutorials then this question will seem odd to you. However, for those students who have engaged with the course materials, they will understand how fundamental this question is to this course.
Question 4: These questions have been covered in Tutorial 4 and in the relevant Lectures 5-11.

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