Submit: Case Scenario Reproductive System & Seizure Disorders
As a nurse you will be required to think critically about patient data and make informed decisions. In this case scenario you will apply what you’ve learned in the previous modules to the following concepts (if applicable):

Clinical decision making
Safety Considerations
Patient assessment
Medication Administration
Read the assignment rubric to understand how you will be graded.
Download the case scenario  downloadand concept map answer document.  download
Answer the case scenario questions using your textbook and scholarly, recent (within the last five years) nursing articles. Be sure to address any of the above concepts that apply to the scenario.
Complete the concept map according to the case scenario. A concept map template is provided for you, but you can edit it to fit the case scenario as you see fit. Be sure map all medications and show relationships between the concepts listed above if it’s applicable to the scenario.
Upload your answers and completed concept map here.

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