You are to complete pages 1 & 2 of the concept map on our vSim patient Kim Johnson-Concept Map Template.docx 

Patient Introduction
Location: Rehabilitation unit 0800

Report from charge nurse:

Situation: Kim Johnson is a 26-year-old female police officer with paraplegia from a thoracic 8 (T8) spinal cord injury. She was transferred to us yesterday.

Background: The complete spinal cord injury was caused by a low-velocity gunshot wound to her back at the T8 level while she was responding to a robbery 8 days ago. The bullet penetrated the spinal column with no injury to visceral organs.

Assessment: Last bowel movement was yesterday at 1900, and the gunshot wound appears healed. Her neurological status is stable. She is awake and oriented. Bilateral upper extremity motor response is +4, and there is no movement or sensation to the lower extremities. She has been out of bed to a wheelchair. She is on a regular, high-fiber diet, and had breakfast at 0700. At 0400 she was catheterized for 300 mL of clear, yellow urine. The measured urine volume from the bladder scan 5 minutes ago was 321 mL.

Recommendation: She is due for assessment of vital signs and the 0800 intermittent urinary catheterization, which can be done after you have reviewed the chart. You should also begin the patient education on her bladder management program and the steps for a straight catheterization. The physical therapist is scheduled to see the patient at 1030.

SN: Use Nanda Diagnosis

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