Numbers: A Language Of Its Own

I would like to add 4 more pages into a draft of a paper I’ve already attached.

Only use the topics I provided in the “research” document I attached. You can contribute more to the ideas and use different websites, as long as these 4 pages will be about the things I provided.

Don’t write a lot about the history. Write more about seeing numbers as a language. You can also add more about its beauty and creativity.

Add the 4 pages to the paper wherever you see fit, and you are welcome to make the proper adjustments if needed. Please focus the papers on the topic of numbers as a language, and not on personal stories.

Original essay instructions are also attached.

Highlight all the added work in the paper.

Use creative writing techniques like metaphors, similes, figures of speech, imaginative language, emotion, heavy description, imagery, personification. Use vivid wording, make it interesting, be genuine and college-level (not professional and dull).

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