DIRECTIONS: Please provide your answers to the following set of questions in the following manner:
type-written, double-spaced, with answers appearing in the same order as the questions.

1.      Indicate two important effects of U. S. racism on African Americans. [5 pts]

2.    As based on Anderson and Stewarts discussion, what are the factors determining the voting
behavior of African Americans? [10 pts]

3.    Since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s-1960s, why have the income levels among
African Americans become more disparate? [10 pts]

4.    Describe four major characteristics of the contemporary African American family. [10 points]

5.    As based on Anderson and Stewarts discussion, why is there still a need for Historically
Black Colleges and Universities [HBCUs]? [10 pts]

6.    As based on Anderson and Stewarts discussion, why have Black Greek letter organizations
been important for the African American community? [5 pts]

7.    How has sports [collegiate and professional] benefited African Americans in the past 70
years? [10 pts]
8.    What does it mean to say that race is a concept? [5 pts]

9.    How is the authentic Black Church reflective of Traditional African cultural values and
practices? [15 pts]

10.    In their discussion of Black Psychology, Anderson and Stewart highlight a number of issues
pertaining to the identity struggles of African Americans. Provide a brief discussion
of at least three of these issues. [20 pts]

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