North America Origins

After watching the video, please choose one of the following questions, and write a one to one and a half page response based on what you learned from it (1.5 spacing, 12-point font, no title or headers). You are welcome to expand your knowledge with other sources as long as you include a reference list:

Option 1: Describe the story of the North American continental craton that was called Laurentia. Include some discussion of the underlying geology of Lake Superior, and what it tells us about the geologic history of Laurentia.

Option 2: The Manhattan schist is a geological remnant left behind in New York City that gives us clues about Manhattans exciting geologic history. What can we learn from it and other pieces of evidence left behind in the city?

Option 3: Describe the geological evidence for major tectonic collisions across the United States. Include some discussion of the sand dunes in Utah, the jagged and near vertical sandstone slabs in Colorado, fossil evidence in northwestern North America, and the San Andreas fault.

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