Non-Training Intervention

    Select one of the non-training interventions you wrote about in Units 3 through 6.
    Expand on the description and design of the intervention to give a full idea of how the intervention would be constructed, using the feedback you received from your peers and instructor.

    Group your design around these headings:
  1.      Intervention title.

    2.  Description of performance gap and root cause that will be addressed in this intervention.

    3.      Purpose.

    4.  Target audience. (Include an explanation of how your chosen non-training intervention will address the performance needs of the stakeholders.)

  5.      Theory. (Describe the theory that undergirds your design of the intervention.)

  6.    Timing. (How long will it take to implement the intervention?)

  7.    Requirements. (What kinds of logistical and other elements are required to make the intervention work?)

  8.    Design description. (Give a detailed description of the critical elements of the intervention, the sequence or arrangement of these elements, and any other description that will help you or others create the supporting material that will implement the intervention. Further, consider how you will collaborate and communicate with stakeholders to ensure their needs are being met throughout the design process.)

  9.      Tools. (Design and create any tools, such as job aids, that will be required for the success of your intervention.)

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