Nintendo 1990 to 2000


Based on what you have learned, select a few instances and you have the opportunity to critique the decisions of individual companies, the industry as a whole or the government action that has impacted the outcomes of the market.


Select at least two different events during your time period and critique how the situation could have been handled differently to improve outcomes for the company.  Note, that I expect that you would have already introduced these events in the previous parts 1-3.

Give a description of two events you believe negatively impacted the market outcomes of one of the companies in your chosen industry.  These events could have been made by the company itself, the industry as a whole or the government.  (Note: decisions that were made that benefited the company, but hurt consumers are not appropriate here. We are only looking at decisions that negatively impacted the company.)
How did the company react?
What do you think the company could have done differently that would have impacted outcomes for the company? Be sure that you are analyzing this from the perspective of economic concepts we learned this semester in Ch. 1-23
Submit a report that is 2-3 pages long, typed double-spaced. 


Please analyze the industry by answering the questions below.  Use of vocabulary and concepts from  Ch 1-23 ( chapters we have covered up to now) and research are required.  Some suggested sources are below (though you can use other sources as well).

News sources: USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance and MSN Money, etc.
National Bureau of Economic Research
US Census Bureau
World Bank
World Economic Forum
Hartnell Library Research Guides
Statistics Research STATISTA  (Great graphs and data!)
the Economist
Wikipedia is not an acceptable source!

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