NFL Concussion Crisis

Please answer the following questions based on the content you observed in the PBS documentary League of Denial. Please use specific details from the film to justify your responses.  Each response should be approximately 150 words, written in paragraph format with proper spelling and grammar:

1. The NFL waged a smear-campaign against Dr. Omalu and his work. What motives did the NFL have to discredit Dr. Omalu? How would they benefit from it?

2. After watching the documentary, identify and discuss two of the most unethical actions made by the NFL.  Please provide a detailed and specific examples from the film and then discuss the why you feel this way.

3. Find one other current example which highlights decisions made by a sport organization which were not in the best interest(s) of the athlete(s).  Include enough detail to describe the issue, consequence for the athlete(s) and the outcome.  Please use outside sources and cite your sources in APA format.

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