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Organizational newcomers guide paper. For this paper, you are creating an organizational newcomers guide that you could give to new members as a way for them to learn more about their anticipatory role and organizational socialization process as if they were starting a new position at your selected organization. You need to select an organization about which you have direct experience either as a university or team member, as a volunteer, or in a prior or current job. Choose one specific position and organization.

This guide should be written to the newcomer rather than about the newcomer. Therefore, you can write in the first person, incorporate humor, and write a bit more informally than typically would be allowed in a formal course assignment.

This paper has four components:

Part 1: Write a 2-3 sentence introduction paragraph to the newcomer about the guide.

Part 2: Provide a brief yet complete overview of your organization. This background includes (a) the name and location of the organization, (b) the role you play in the organization (i.e., your job title, your job duties), (c) the purpose of the organization, and (d) what makes this organization different or unique from other organizations that are similar to it. Be specific!

Part 3: Choose 10 unique course concepts (i.e., topics) taken from the textbook that you believe would be informative for this organizational newcomer to learn. For each course concept, create and write an appropriate and realistic tip for the newcomer on (a) how to use the concept when working for the organization or (b) why the concept will be useful for working at this organization. Then, in each tip, provide a rationale for selecting it that is supported by the textbook content.

Each tip should be written as a separate paragraph for a total of 10 paragraphs; these paragraphs can be presented in a bulleted format if you desire. At the end of each paragraph, place the chapter number in which the tip can be found in parentheses.

As you choose these course concepts and write these tips, remember what you read about the realistic job preview (RJP) in Chapter 2: RJPs provide the applicant with the positive and attractive aspects of a future job and place of employment as well as information about some of the less attractive or mundane aspect of the job in their recruitment messages (p. 54). Consider this guide to act as a recruitment message! Be specific and thorough.

Part 4: Write a 2-3 sentence conclusion paragraph to the newcomer about the job.

This guide should be 3 full-5 pages, follow the writing requirements stated on the grading rubric, and should be uploaded no later than 11:59  p.m. EST on December 4th. It is worth 100 points. The grading rubric can be found at the end of this syllabus.

GRADING RUBRIC for Organizational Newcomers Guide Paper

My paper:
_____ is paginated (i.e., contains page numbers).
_____ has 1 margins top, bottom, left, and right.
_____ uses left (not full) justification.
_____ uses Times Roman 12 point font.
_____ is double-spaced, but doesnt add space between paragraphs of the same style.
_____ has an introduction paragraph.
_____ has a conclusion paragraph.
_____ includes the chapter number in parentheses for each tip.
_____ meets the page requirement.

A paper that does not meet ALL of these writing requirements will receive a grade deduction of 4 points for each missing aforementioned requirement. For example, if you receive 90 out of 100 points on the paper, but you did not include page numbers or an introduction, your grade will be reduced to 86 points. Before submitting the paper, review this checklist!

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