New Disney Land Attraction Design

This project to design a new attraction(ex: roller coaster/just any kinds of ride) for Disneyland park. The project is based on adapting the Disney film, “TANGLED”.

Part I: Story & Character (150-175  words)

1. Story analysis of the film. What is the story about (do not give a plot summary): What are the major themes? Is there a moral? What is the central dramatic question? How does the story lend itself to theme park adaptation? What specific approach to adaptation will you take? (Retelling the Story, Recreating a moment, Expanding the Story, Reapplying the Characters, or Going Behind the Scenes?)  Keep this section as concise as possible.

2. Character discussion: Who is your lead character? The lead character(s) of your attraction might NOT be the lead character of the film. What do they want in the film: their goals, their desires how are those different for your attraction? What are the important/iconic elements of the character? Keep this section as concise as possible.

Part II: The Pre-show  (125-175  words)

1. Design the queue area: Identify the location or land of the attraction (i.e Pirates is in New Orleans Square/Dumbo in Fantasyland). How are you going to build anticipation for the experience? How will you reinforce the attraction and make the queue part of the experience.  What is the mood you want to create? Will it be a switchback? Will there be interactive portions? Use video?

2. Design the costumes: Design costumes for the cast members who get you on (or in) and off (or out) of your attractions. How are their costumes setting the mood and reinforcing the story? Is it time specific? What colors will you use? Will it change with the seasons? 

Part III: The Show (The heart of the attraction) (250 – 450 words)

1. What is the story of your attraction? This is not necessarily the story of the film. Is the story experiential, implicit, or explicit? How will you maintain the integrity of character?

2. How are you going to tell the story? Is it a dark ride, a roller coaster or an interactive performance? How will you move the guests thru the attraction? Will you use an  omnimover? If so, what will it look like?

3. Identify how you will control the gaze of the audience. What will guest see?

4. How will you incorporate the animation from the film?

5. What is the sound design? What music will you use?  Be specific.

6. Any special effects? Be specific. Use examples from other Disney Resorts Attractions to illustrate your point (i.e the Peppers Ghost technique used in The Haunted Mansion or audio-animatronics as used in Small World or Pirates of the Caribbean)

7. How long is the ride?

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