Network Analogy

In this project, you will write up your own network analogy.  The analogy in the lesson used snail mail so you will make your own using some other concept. For example, you could go big as a country or go smaller and use a school, office, your home, or something else. The more creative the better but it must be clear that you understand the flow of information. Make sure to reference the TCP/IP model and use other terms that you learned in this module. Additional independent research is strongly encouraged for any terms or concepts that you are not completely clear on.

Review the module sections, do some research and then some brainstorming and develop a network analogy like the one in the module.
You will need to demonstrate that you understand the terminology and the flow of the information and how each stage of information flow works.  You must explain in some detail what is occurring at each stop, how, and why when possible.

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