Negro Slavery Described by a Negro Ashton Warrner

Read the Essay Proposal Document attached for instructions on the essay

Assignment: Using your research proposal as a guide, research and write an essay that develops and proves an argument.  You essay must address the topic that you identified in your essay proposal.

Required sources:

      At least 4 peer-reviewed, scholarly articles (published after 1990) from a scholarly journal.  These can include the sources you used in the proposal/bibliography assignment.  These cannot be course readings. (*** USE THE SOURCES IN THE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE PROPOSAL, THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE THE EXACT REFRENCES ALTHOUGH USE THE SAME BOOKS)

      1 relevant course reading

      One document from the Early Caribbean Archive.  Click on the archive link.  *  (use this link:


Format: This assignment requires you to write an essay.  You must include an introduction that states your thesis and how you intend to prove it (**THE THESIS IS UNDERLINED IN THE PROPOSAL).  In the body of the essay, make sure that you include enough evidence to back up your ideas and ensure that each paragraph clearly addresses and develops your argument.  And remember to include a concluding paragraph that sums up your argument.

Remember to provide references for all borrowed material (facts, paraphrases, direct quotations, and ideas).  Use quotation marks to indicate direct quotations.  You must provide footnotes (including specific page numbers) for all borrowed material (including from websites used in class), and you must include a bibliography.  Refer to the videos from week 1 and the writing guides noted in the course syllabus for more information about this as well for proper bibliographic and footnote format.

The essay must be double-spaced, and you must include page numbers.  Finally, remember to proof-read the essay before you submit it and make sure that your writing is clear and accurate.

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