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Technical Report Assignment

You have been asked by your boss to write a technical report on the innovation you have researched.

Since this report will remain within your company (Company name: PeeDee), this will be an informal report in memo format.

It will not require a letter of transmittal, title page, table of contents or an abstract. 

Follow this format, and use these headings for the Technical Report assignment:

To: name, title
From: name, title
Date:  write out
Subject: be specific

PURPOSE: The purpose of this report is to

SUMMARY: Give a brief description of the entire report.  Try and limit
this section to one or two paragraphs (six to eight lines each).
Summarize the entire report.

DESCRIPTION: Write a technical description of your innovation.
    Begin the introductory paragraph with a formal sentence
    Explain exactly what the new product or process is,
      the need for it, who uses it, and how it works.

(Optional: Include a diagram or picture of the item.  If you are
describing a process make a flow chart that shows the progress from one
phase of the process to the next.  Be sure to refer to the graphic in
the text and adequately describe and label it.)

    Remember to include a sentence that mentions the main components
            you are describing (or steps if you are describing a process).

    Include the following subheadings: (subheadings are to be indented)

Components or Steps of the process: List each part or step
            separately and fully describe it.

Application:    How is the item or process used?  Who uses it?  Who would benefit from using it?

    Describe the characteristics of this innovation by comparing it with
      what has been used or what has been available.  Remember to use in text
      citations for your sources of information.
    Prepare a graph (choose an appropriate graph for your comparison) or a
      table that compares one aspect of your innovation (cost, availability,
      percentage of use, efficiency, time etc.) with the same aspect of what
      has been used in the past or what one or two other companies use.

Note: I realize that the data for the graph may not be readily available. 
Since I am basically interested in your ability to appropriately
construct a graph or table and integrate it into the text, you may
make up the information needed for the graphic only. Again,
fully integrate the graphic. Remember to title and fully label your graphic. 
Refer to it and describe it in the text.

Write a short paragraph introducing the advantages of the innovation,
then present and discuss each advantage in a bulleted list.
ex. cost- The cost of..
ex. training time- The training time…

Write a short paragraph introducing the disadvantages of the
Innovation, then present and discuss each disadvantage in a bulleted list.

CONCLUSION: Analyze the potential benefits and risks/costs. Do the benefits outweigh the risks? What should your company consider in trying to decide whether to adopt this innovation? This is a conclusion for an analytical report, so your job is to fully analyze the material you presented in the report so that your boss can make a decision about whether or not to adopt it.

REFERENCES:  Use the appropriate citation method. Cite a minimum of three sources Use in text citations. All three sources must contribute significant
information to the report.

***Avoid plagiarism
***Assignment for graded

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