My value paper

Paragraph form Also Introduction and conclusion 1. What is the (your) definition of a family? Who is involved? What is necessary to be a family? Marriage? Children? Heterosexuality? Please expand on these examples in examining your personal definition. 2. What is the definition of healthy or normal for a family? Please reflect on your own family dynamics, and link it to how to judge other families functioning? 3. Based on things you learned, what is the purpose of family life education? What do you see your role to be as n FLE? 4. How do you view differences among people? Are differences something to fear, ignore, or celebrate? 5. Which populations (ex. low income, teen mothers, LGBT dealing with STDs etc.) would you experience challenges with? Please identify at least 2-3 where you might experience some challenges. Then, discuss, the roots of these challenges? What are your assumptions or beliefs about these populations? Where did you learn them? What do you feel you need to do about these beliefs in order to become a successful FLE? 6. What are the most important qualities of an FLE for you? And which ones do you feel like you possess? 7. Please talk about what new information you learned about yourself in the process of writing this paper. What was hard to write about and why? 8. Please comment on what kind of preconceived notions you have about the population you chose to educate (based on your group project). For instance, if you are preparing a group for teen fathers, please share your stereotypes about this population. And please discuss one ethical issue that can come up as a result of working with this population.

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