My paper will focus on globalization and its affects on gender roles

My paper has a lot of free range to right about the topic. Basically I have to write a research paper talking about ” How globalization affects gender roles/ discrimination in society and the workforce ?” Part of my research paper is doing a comparative analysis between countries, I was thinking of comparing Norway’s effects of globalization of gender roles/discrimination in society and the workforce , to the United States. I chose Norway because it is rated as one of the top countries with equal gender roles and thought it would be easy to compare, but you could chose whichever country you think is best or find easiest to write about. My professor will be using Turn-it -in to check for plagiarism, so all work must be unique. Below, I have  intrustions and components of what she is asking to include. Please see page 33-34 to view the intrustions for the paper. My paper must be in APA 7 format and be a minimum of 2000 words with with a minimum of 10 credible sources used.

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