My background, financial need, community involvement, dedication to complete my major

I need an essay describing my background, financial need, dedication to complete my major, and community involvement.
I am a 17 year old, grew up in a close nit community, pretty happy childhood. 3 years ago my parents had a messy divorce that still separates the family. My dad works late so I take care of my little brother while managing a job, sports, and school. My mom is paying for my college, she has never been able to be responsible with her money and instead of buying groceries, she gets new shoes. She didn’t go to college so has struggled finding a good paying job. I am majoring in Nursing. I work as a certified nursing assistant and in may I will get my certified medication aide license. I have taken 45 dual credit hours. I am involved in many school groups where we help out with upkeep of the school and the surrounding communities. I volunteer as much as I can at a low-income thrift store that helps families in need.

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