Music and movie review

Question 1 Revisiting Repertoire

Listen to Hlne Grimauds performance of Erik Saties Gymnopedie No. I (, then listen to Claude Debussys orchestral arrangement of Gymnopedie No. 1 ( performed by the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields. After listening, address the following questions in an essay (300 words): How does Debussys writing transcend the expressive and mechanical capacities of the piano? Conversely, how does Debussys writing seem to emulate or echo the pianistic qualities of the original? Consider musical features such as instrumental color, texture, density, articulation, or anything else you are hearing and can describe. How does this significant shift in mediumfrom solo piano to large orchestraalter the character, atmosphere, or mood of Saties Gymnopedie No. 1? Finally, compare Debussys arrangement of Saties music to Weberns arrangement of Bachs Ricercar, discussing at least one approach or facet they share and one they do not.

Question 2 Intermedia

Watch Francis Picabia and Rene Clairs surrealist film Entracte ( (1924), which features a soundtrack by Erik Satie, one of the earliest examples of a synchronized film score! Entracte is a satirical critique of the political and aesthetic effects of World War I. It is regarded as a landmark film due to its early eschewal of conventional narrative forms and use of experimental camera techniques and special effects. After watching, pick any 2-3 minute excerpt from the film you really enjoyed (please make note of the timestamp in your response), and write an essay (300 words) discussing how Saties music interfaces with the films narrative, imagery, camera and film effects (e.g. slow motion), personalities or behaviors of characters, pacing, or affects or temperaments of scenes (e.g. ominous or lighthearted), just to name a few. Try to describe the music in the greatest detail possible. Consider the instruments, loudness, repetition, density, texture, expressive qualities, or anything else you are perceiving. At the end, briefly discuss how, or if, Saties music underscores Picabia and Clairs satirical critique of wartime technology, modernity, and industrial capitalism.

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