Movie Review Final

For your Final, please watch One of the following films:

1) Manchester by the Sea (AmazonPrime)

2) If Beale Street Could Talk  (Hulu)

3) Moonlight (Netflix)

4) Heathers (Hulu)

Write a 600 word response addressing style. What do you consider to be the dominant style of the film? Use specific examples from the film to help build your case. What do you consider to be a supporting style that comes a close second? Use specific examples from the film. Please address style, not genre. (Attachment included)

A method of organizing your response:

A general synopsis of the film (200 words)
Dominant style argument with examples (200 words)
Supporting Style argument with examples (200 words)
Be Sure to:

Be sure to include a heading with your name, include a creative title.
DO NOT NOT give me 600 words of summary, and avoid being too general or vague.
Be clear about your ideas. Write as if you were talking to someone, and you were helping them understand your position
Avoid re-writing the questions in the body of your response in order to lower the word count.

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