movie marketing review

This is a marketing analysis of the film Kinky Boots.

You have been hired by Charlie Price of Price & Sons to assess his marketing strategy for the introduction of his companys new line of shoes. Charlie wants to know what he did well and what he may want to reconsider. Some aspects you might want to consider including in your report:

1-How was the development of the new product line represented in the film? Do you think that the product development processes should have been different?
2-Was the marketing mix is effectively used in Price & Sons’ new niche market strategy after the new product line was developed? (Not all of the information is provided in the film. You may want to do some some research online to find the actual product upon which the film is based.)
3-How did Charlie handle the ethical and sociocultural issues in his efforts to save the Price & Sons Shoe Company? How could he have handled this better and why?
4-Does he fully understand his target market? What are some steps that he might be able to take in order to better comprehend the needs of his customers?
5-What other marketing strategies would be a good next step to grow the company based on the new target market?

Please watch the film and answer this simply in essay format.

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