Morte D’ Arthur

When the Green Knight is first speaks, he has three main points in his speech.

Summarize the highlighted section from Canto I.

What happens after the green Knights third stroke with the ax?

The Green Knight leaves Gawain alone with his wife for 3 days as a test of his virtue. While Gawain does pass the test, his honor is compromised because of what? (By the way, do you see that this is why the Green Knight makes 3 passes with the ax? With 2 he does not touch Gawain because he passed the 2 tests. But he somewhat failed the 3rd, which is why the answer to your last question happens.)

What did Sir Gawain learn from his second encounter with the Green Knight?

Is chivalry dead today? It is maybe not the way it once was with knights and armor, but modern-day chivalry. Is it alive & well? Should it be? What are some examples of chivalry? What does the Bible say about it?

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