More Black Men in Prison Today than 1850

Read chapters 2,7,8,9, and 10 of Racial and Ethnic Groups by Richard Schaefer, 15th edition. Use APA format/citation style. Use peer-reviewed journals as an additional source.

Watch the video clip More Black Males in the Prison System Today than Slaves in 1850 ( Based on this small clip, summarize the arguments with statistics presented. Here, your job is to take a stand whether you agree with the videos main points. Remember, you need to use the support of evidence from your textbook as well as from outside sources. Use the theoretical premise combining race, class, and gender.

Instructions: First, answer the above question. Your answer must use concepts, examples, life experience, facts etc. Do not post any attachment.

Required: First, summarize the clip. If you do not have a textbook, find it out on the internet.Then answer  the above question(s) in 250-300 words

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