Module 5 Obesity In New York Course Project

Obesity in New York

For your course project, you will draw upon your previous knowledge to create a Community/Population Health Education Program geared towards a prevalent public health issue.

Step 1 – Create a PowerPoint Presentation

You are preparing to present your program at a fundraiser. Create a PowerPoint presentation that outlines each project submission. Be sure to include ideal outcomes.

Your PowerPoint presentation should include visually appealing components to encourage contributions of support, such as pictures of the priority population or graphs visually illustrating supporting data and/or research.

For help with formatting your PowerPoint Presentation, visit the Writing Guide.

Step 2 – Compile Your Course Project

Your community/population health education program is now complete.This week you will be compiling your course project.
Include the following:

A cover page
A table of contents
1-2 paragraphs summarizing your program and the materials prepared
Purpose Statement
Program Research and Development Plan
Marketing and Communication Plan
Implementation and Evaluation Plan

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