Module 2

Purpose of Assignment: Students will reflect and identify their personal cultural identity. This reflection will help them understand an individuals cultural identity defines who he/she is. With that understand students can use a multicultural perspective to support childrens cultural identity development.

Instructions: Write a 1-2 page reflection paper to help create personal and cultural self-awareness. In it, be sure to address the following:

Part-1: Reflect on the formation of your own cultural identity

Describe what your cultural identity is and who or what was instrumental in supporting the development of your cultural identity.
Include whether or not you encountered any issues or challenges in forming your cultural identity.

Part-2: Reflect on the concept of personal culture

Discuss why it is important to be aware of your own cultural identity.
Explain how your experiences in developing your cultural identity can help you support identity development for a child in your care. For example, if you encountered challenges in developing your cultural identity, your experience can help you to be sensitive to the challenges children are experiencing in developing their own cultural identity.

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