Module 1

An important part of this course involves taking time to identify your personal beliefs and culture so that you can better understand how they affect your decisions involving family and early childhood education. Review the assigned readings to prepare for the assignment.

For this assignment, write a 1-2 page reflection using proper spelling and grammar. Be sure to describe your familys system by addressing the following:

Define your Personal Family System. In an introductory paragraph, define the Family Systems Theory. Describe how a childs family system can influence his/her development (for example his/her behavior or relationships with others). In the body of your paper, describe your family system by describing your familys:
After defining your Personal Family System, discuss how it influences your view of what family means.
Finally, in your conclusion paragraph discuss why it is important for you to know about your Personal Family System. Explain how you would use your knowledge of the Family System Theory to meet the needs of children and families in a family-centered care and education setting.

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