Mock wedding toast speech

You will deliver a  3-4 minute  wedding toast-style speech live over Zoom, celebrating the pretend marriage between  one celebrity  (any famous public figure, past or present, which can include actors, musical artists, athletes, authors, and politicians) and  one fictional character  (someone from TV, film, literature, comics, videogames, etc). Unlike previous speech assignments, you can now structure this speech however you choose, as long as you meet the following criteria: your speech must include (a) a  personal introduction  explaining who you are and how you know the couple, (b) a  reference to how the couple met , (c) an  anecdote  about whichever member of the couple you have known the longest, and finally, (d) your Mock Wedding Toast must clearly and prominently  honor the couple  on their happy day. This assignment is meant to be completed with creativity, so let loose and enjoy!

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