Milestone Project

Research and analyze a law enforcement occupation of your choice.

Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Investigator, Crime Scene Investigator, Border Patrol, FBI Agent, DEA Agent, Forensics, Correctional Officer, Attorney,

*The following elements must be included in your paper:

Describe the occupation and your reasons for choosing that particular one
Interview someone in the field or obtain Internet information regarding the occupation
Include in your report:
The history of the organization (i.e. year established, type of work performed, etc,)
Mantra- (a statement or slogan )
Mission Statement
Law Suits (i.e. excessive use of force, deadly force, ethical/police misconduct, if applicable)
Position researched including the responsibilities, requirements, and skills

*Your paper should meet the following requirements:

2-3 pages in length (title page does not count)
APA Style to include a title page, abstract, and reference page

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